Developer, Learner, Explorer

A little about me

I am a Freshman undergrad student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I love creating and learning new things. I am actively involved in creating projects to upskill and learn new technologies. I like contributing to open source and believe that community development of free to use softwares is very important for the advancement of the world. I try to expand the scope of my knowledge everyday as it brings me closer to my goals and that is what drives me!

I do amazing things in my free time


The ability to create or develop new things is what drives me! Knowing that I can create new things pushes me to learn new things and expand my knowledge which helps me to achieve my goals with ease.


I beleive that development is a journey and documenting it is very important so that others can learn from it and take advantage of a helpful and supporting development community.


Open source encourages innovation through collaboration. Without it, many of the technologies that we use freely would never have developed. This is why I like to contribute to the community to keep this going.

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